Arlinio - Meer impact, betere resultaten voor teams en leiders
Arlinio helpt teams en leiders succesvoller te zijn in hun werk. Met uitgekiende teamprogramma's, assessments, coaching en inspiratiesessies
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The Problem


1 in 3 teams do not perform to their potential. In 1 in 5 teams, collaboration can even be called dysfunctional.
Consequence? Performance lags, there is widespread frustration and dissatisfaction, and little cooperation and cohesion.

The Cause


3 things may be to blame:
 Leadership or better, the lack of it
 Lack of focus; on goals and one’s own contribution to results, organisation and customers
 Loose sand: the team functions is more of a group of individuals with their own interests than a coalesced team that has a common

We help leaders and teams on their path to succes

Our Solution


Top teams possess essential team skills to advance to a mature performing phase, where they resolve obstructive patterns of cooperation and team members look beyond the responsibility of their own function, taking into account the interests of themselves, the team and the organisation.


Arlinio offers teams an in-house developed methodology with targeted interventions to accelerate organic growth to the mature phase where the team is also able to maintain this level itself.

Our Approach


We deploy 4 interventions to address the causes and achieve structural progress, being:

Inspiration sessions
The team receives inspiration and learns the essential team skills it does not yet possess sufficiently. Team members learn to use these effectively, within the team and in contacts with other teams, internally and externally (‘successful collaboration in the chain’).

   Coaching 1-on-1
Team members receive individual coaching on their own development. After all, not everyone starts from the same starting point and has the same challenges in professional development.

  Transpiration sssions
Through team coaching during regular meetings, the team gets immediate feedback on what is happening. Thus, they gain insight into their dynamics and team members learn to transform ineffective patterns into effective ones.

Once the team has developed the necessary team skills and the ineffective patterns have been reversed, the team members learn through practical case histories to help each other with their professional challenges, making them more effective outside this team through experiential learning.

The intensity and specific combination of interventions are linked to the maturity of the team and the challenges it faces. We dose pace and impact to what the team can handle.

Our Promise


A sustainable step forward in team development and therefore team performance.

Our pay-off is ‘more impact, better results’ for a reason.

Follow the Success!

Want to know more about our approach and concrete results?


Arlinio specialises in strengthening leaders and teams.
With science-based methodologies as well as common and accessible models.